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Profy is an artificial intelligence assistant that values teachers' time by streamlining and enhancing the creation of lesson plans and pedagogical activities.

Test for free: to create your first class, you get 50 credits!

It's Like Magic!

With a few clicks you create amazing classes


Begin by entering some basic information about your class.


Profy's artificial intelligence will generate some class suggestions based on your information


From the suggestion, a Lesson Plan and a Presentation will be created for you to edit

Artificial Intelligence in Education

A powerful tool for learning

Save hours of work

Artificial intelligence does the boring part and complements the creative work of an educator, who is left with the task of reviewing and editing, if necessary, the content generated by the AI.

Lesson plans for your school's reality

Profy was prepared to generate class suggestions that can be carried out according to the reality of each school and community, making learning more inclusive.

Infinite* class suggestions

Every time you go to create an activity, you will be presented with new suggestions. It's the power of Artificial Intelligence in favor of Education. Don't get left behind!

Create presentations and save in PDF or DOC

Save your lesson plan in PDF or DOC and generate a PPT presentation to be used during your class.

To create your first class,
you get 50 credits!

A smart assistant for educators

Think of Profy as a virtual assistant, or a wise assistant, whose mission is to help educators create practical and personalized classes in a very easy way.

See how easy and fast it is to create an activity with profy

Subscription Plans

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To create your first classes, you get 50 Profy credits!

Assinatura Anual

For teachers

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  • Crie mais de 50 aulas personalizadas com IA
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  • Crie seus próprios Planos de Aula e Slides
  • Acesso antecipado a novas funcionalidades do Profy
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Profy por um mês

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  • Você pode adquirir créditos extras caso seus créditos acabem
  • Crie seus próprios Planos de Aula e Slides
  • Bom para começar!
Pay by Credit Card or PIX

Public and Private Schools

Increase the Quality of Education

Subscription Packages

With Discounts of up to 30%
  • Alignment with Public Policies
  • Empowers Teachers' Work
  • Saves Time
  • Combats Dropout with Attractive Content

Frequently Asked Questions

See the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

Profy is an artificial intelligence assistant designed to value the teacher's time, facilitating and enhancing the creation of lesson plans and pedagogical activities aligned with the BNCC.

Profy uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to generate suggestions for lessons and pedagogical activities based on information provided by educators. This provides a more efficient, personalized lesson creation aligned with students' educational needs.

Not at all. Profy is a support tool, designed to assist and enhance the work of educators, not to replace them. We believe that nothing can replace the human touch, experience, and empathy of a dedicated educator.

To start using Profy, simply register on the platform, choose your desired subscription or payment plan, and follow the onboarding steps. The interface is friendly and intuitive, making navigation easy even for those who are not digital natives.

Profy is powered by OpenAI's artificial intelligence technology, which allows for the generation of relevant, dynamic content adapted to the needs of educators.

Yes! Profy was developed to be versatile and adapt to various curricula, educational systems, and subjects, making it easier to create content that meets the specificities of each educational context.

We offer continuous support through our customer service team, which can be contacted via email or directly on the platform. We are always ready to help and clarify any doubts.

Currently, Profy operates with subscription and payment models. However, during the launch period, we offer 50 free credits for new registrations.

Yes. We value our users' privacy and adopt strict measures to protect their data. We do not store personal financial information and follow best security practices to ensure the protection of your information.

Our team is always in touch with educators, education experts, and institutions to ensure that the platform is up-to-date with the latest trends and needs of the educational sector.

The Profy credit is like an internal 'currency'. Each activity carried out with Artificial Intelligence costs a certain number of Profy credits, and this will always be indicated on action buttons. A full lesson plan typically uses up an average of 20 Profy credits. On the monthly plan, with 100 credits, you can create an average of 5 lesson plans.

Great question! Profy uses the OpenAI API to generate content and activities. This API operates on a 'token' system, which are small units of text. Depending on the complexity and length of the activity generated, we consume a different number of these tokens. Thus, longer or more complex activities might consume more tokens than shorter or simpler ones. As Profy credits are tied to the use of these tokens, you might notice variations in the number of credits consumed for different activities. We're always working to optimize this process and ensure you get the best value possible!

You can purchase more Profy credits whenever they run out on your current plan. Credits from the 'annual plan' are cumulative. Those from the 'monthly plan' expire at the end of the plan period. Extra credit

The artificial intelligence of Profy, although advanced, has limitations. It is designed to assist teachers in creating pedagogical activities but may not fully understand the specific context of each class or educational situation. Educators should review and adjust the suggestions provided by AI to ensure they are suitable for their context. In addition, the AI might occasionally fail to recognize nuances or specific details, and, like any technology, it's prone to errors or inaccuracies. We always recommend that teachers use the platform as a support tool, not as a definitive solution.